Long Island Tide Charts

The Tide Greatly Influences The Dive.

I presently do most of my diving off the shores of Long Island, New York, so I have provided this quick link to the Long Island Tide Charts that I use. It’s always best to have as much info about the site where you will be diving.

Find the areas where you dive and print at least two weeks worth of charts per site. Print out enough copies for everyone who you dive with so you can easily schedule future Spearfishing outings during optimum conditions.

You’ll find that the desire to get back into the water increases since more of us try and catch the right tide. Since you should never dive alone, you end up making more contact with the Divers that you know. That’s normally enough to bring it all together and then you’re back in the water Spearfishing!

Happy Hunting! "Dive Safe And Never Dive Alone!!!" Long Island Tide Charts

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